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Struggling With Chaotic, Restrictive Case Management Software?

Discover how CloudLex empowers your firm to achieve faster turnarounds, seamless communication, and superior client service.

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Frustrated with chaotic calendars and disorganized task management in your law firm?

Tired of wasting time on document handling and searching for case information?

Struggling to manage multiple plaintiffs and complex settlements efficiently?

Streamline your workflow

Case management software
built specifically for injury attorneys


Experience unmatched collaboration

Streamlined Task Management: Ditch the chaotic calendar overload! CloudLex separates tasks from your case timeline, providing a clear overview of deadlines, ownership, and progress for each matter.

Simplified Event Management: Say goodbye to duplicate entries. CloudLex keeps your entire firm informed with a single, unified calendar for all firm-wide events and case updates.


Effortless document management

Automated Workflows: Boost productivity with time-saving features powered by Microsoft 365. Create and edit documents directly within the platform, easily generating reusable templates that eliminate repetitive uploads and downloads.

Advanced Search: Stop wasting time searching for information. Our cutting-edge AI technology delivers lightning-fast, precise results from your documents, cases, and client data – in seconds.


Empowering multi-plaintiff cases:

Seamless Multi-Client Management: CloudLex effortlessly handles complex cases with multiple plaintiffs. Track offers, demands, and expenses for every plaintiff efficiently.

Comprehensive Settlement Management: Gain a clear picture of your case with automated calculations for attorney fees, client recovery, and referral fees across all offers and counteroffers.


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