What tools do lawyers use?

Law firms use the following tools to start,
build, and manage their practice:

Website and email hosting

A reputable web-hosting service can help you safely build and maintain your site through top-notch tech support and state-of-the-art security features. A good service should include email services as part of a hosting package that can be easily integrated with Microsoft Office 365 or G Suite. This ability to integrate is crucial to boosting collaboration and the productivity of the entire firm. Tools such as G Suite let you take control of your document storage and marketing tools, all in one place.

Google or Outlook calendars

Google and Outlook calendar are free to use and Google Calendar can also be bundled with a G Suite subscription. It can help manage your court dates, appointments, etc. Both Google and Outlook calendar allow you to schedule events and share them across the calendars of members of your law firm.
Both the calendars can easily be integrated with a case management software so that you keep the cases and your dates in sync.

Billing and accounting software

Billing and accounting software are one of the most important tools a law firm should use. The main function of these tools is to help you effectively cost, charge expenses, and bill clients. These tools are very sophisticated and can keep your entire finances and accounting in one place instead of scattered across spreadsheets. There are tools like QuickBooks to help you manage accounting tasks, client billing, and financial reporting. And depending on which case management software you are using, you can integrate to connect your billing data and expenses for specific cases and clients.

Practice management software

A personal injury practice management software helps manage your entire practice in one place. Case management, tasks, new client intake, documents, communications- all the elements that you need to run your successful practice.
CloudLex is a cloud-based platform built exclusively for plaintiff PI law firms. It can guide your personal injury law firm from intake through to closure (and beyond). CloudLex helps you keep an eye on data unique to your matters (e.g. specific info for automobile accidents, slip and fall cases, medical malpractice) and our organizational tools allow you to track vital info like deadlines, logistics, and fees so you can focus on working (instead of trying to make your software work for you).

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