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Tips for Case Management System Data Migration 

case management system data migration

Tips for Case Management System Data Migration 

The American Bar Association’s TechReport 2022 reveals that 63% of respondents in its survey reported that case management software was “available to use” in their firm, a continuation of a steady increase from 2019’s numbers. According to the survey, those who worked at a firm with two to nine attorneys were less likely to use the software in 2022 (49%) than in 2019 (61%). Part of the reason for this surmised the report’s authors, is that attorneys are concerned about data security and migrating data from one program (their own personal system) to another.

In this post, the CloudLex team developed five tips for migrating data to a case management system. By following these tips, you can limit the potential for lost data and security breaches, thus easing your concerns and setting your practice up for success. 

Create a data migration plan

You must create a data migration plan when transitioning to a new personal injury case management software. You and the new provider will work together to develop a plan that minimizes the potential disruption involved when moving files from one location to another. Additionally, the strategy should limit the risk of your firm losing data during the process. 

CloudLex works with new and existing users to ensure a smooth transition process. Moving a firm’s entire database comes with risks if not executed properly. That is why our tech experts partner with you and your team to implement safeguards to protect your data. 

Communicate with your team about the transition

If you are of a certain age, you may remember picking up the phone to call your best friend, only to be met with a piercing dial tone because your sibling was using the internet. Nothing is wrong with you calling your best friend or your sibling logging onto AIM, but you could avoid the ringing in your ear if you and your sibling had talked beforehand. 

Likewise, ensure your team understands the data migration process, what they can and cannot do while the transfer occurs and the anticipated timeline. Unlike the above example, where miscommunication leads to minor discomfort, misunderstandings at a law firm can potentially cause the loss of a client or the firm’s data. 

Create a secure backup of your firm’s data

Ideally, your firm should already have a secure backup of your data, but if not, create one before you start moving files from one place to another. If power outages or other disruptions occur during the migration and you do not have a backup, you risk losing data. Your new case management provider will likely be able to help with this by setting you up with a cloud storage system or, in some cases, a physical backup storage drive (although this latter option is uncommon).

CloudLex understands that changing to a new CRM provider is a hefty undertaking and takes careful planning and consideration. We will work with you to help ensure that you have adequate and secure backup copies of your firm’s data before migrating your files from one system to another.

Ensure the program protects your firm from breaches

Law firms are a frequent target of cybersecurity scams because attorneys might be viewed as not that tech savvy and because of the sensitive data and significant funds they encounter daily. Attorneys can insulate their practices from these tactics by adequately training staff on risks and utilizing secure case management software.   

CloudLex stores your data on a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based program powered by Microsoft Azure, which sets the gold standard in cybersecurity. Our cloud storage software is disaster-proof, helping to ensure your data is secure. 

Make sure the software integrates with your other programs

Finally, before you and your team go through all the work of migrating from one system to another, ensure the new software integrates with other programs you use, like Microsoft Word, Outlook and Gmail. You may have issues accessing and storing your data after the migration if the systems do not integrate with or “talk to” one another. 

Matter management software providers like CloudLex provide robust solutions that integrate with many popular programs used by personal injury attorneys. For example, you can send and receive messages from within CloudLex, but the Outlook and Gmail add-ins ensure you can quickly locate and file matter emails. 


CloudLex: Secure case management software for personal injury attorneys 

Personal injury firms handle complex cases requiring large and interconnected files. When switching case management programs, you must ensure the software provider understands your unique requirements and how your matters work.  

With CloudLex, you get a dedicated team that specifically designed software to serve personal injury attorneys. From our powerful Personal Injury Settlement Calculator to our Intake Manager, Expense Manager and HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based storage, we have everything you need to attract, retain and handle your cases. 

Request a demo today to learn more about CloudLex and our data migration process. 

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