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Streamlining Client Communication With Client Portal Software for Law Firms 

Client Portal Software For Law Firms

Streamlining Client Communication With Client Portal Software for Law Firms 

You cannot grow a successful personal injury law firm or any legal practice if you do not have good communication with your clients. Poor communication is a common complaint clients have about their lawyers, and in some cases, it can land you in hot water with your state’s disciplinary board. Your clients expect and deserve that you will communicate with them about their cases. 

As critical as good law firm client communication is, it can be a hassle for lawyers and their staff. When a client calls asking for an update on their case, the person who answers the phone may be in the middle of a task or have others waiting in the firm for assistance. They may need to switch programs on their computer or search through a paper or digital file to find the client’s answer. 

The answer is CloudLex’s Client Portal, a solution that helps personal injury law firms keep in touch with their clients and ensure their clients remain informed about their cases at all times. 

What is a client portal for law firms? 

Think of a client portal as a doorway into your firm. It is a doorway to which you give your client a key so that they and anyone else they want to give their key to can look into your firm. They see only those things that you choose for them to see and can only access information that is pertinent to them. This information might include updates about their case’s status or legal developments that impact the outcome of the case. 

Not only does this doorway allow your client to obtain information about their case, but it is also a way whereby you and your client can exchange information and evidence. Using this “doorway,” your client could easily share medical records, repair estimates and other important documents with your firm in a secure method. Similarly, you can use a portal to leave messages or requests for your clients to retrieve at a later time. 

A good, forward-facing client portal can give clients a sense of connectedness with your firm and its activities without demanding too much time from your staff. Your clients feel as if they have access to your firm at any time of the day or night. Moreover, they can often retrieve the information they need without having to stay on hold until your receptionist is able to speak with them. 

Keep your clients informed with a user-friendly and informative law firm client portal

Not all client portals are created equally. You must take the time to review the features any program offering a client portal has before obligating yourself and your firm to use the portal. For example, some of the features that can be found on CloudLex’s Client Portal include: 

  • A client’s ability to access their personalized portal any time of the day or night 
  • Restricted access to only case information and updates that are pertinent to them 
  • The ability for clients to onboard, review documents and sign agreements 
  • Information about upcoming court dates and settlement progress at any time  
  • No need for your legal staff to spend hours every week answering requests for information from the clients 

If you are waiting for your client to provide you with documents and other evidence, a client portal makes the process of acquiring and sharing such evidence easier as well. Such information can be uploaded through the client portal and held securely until you are able to retrieve it. 

Individuals today expect a certain level of service from their attorneys and other professionals. Specifically, if clients retain your services, then they believe they should be treated in a certain manner. They want to be given accurate information about their case and their questions on their time, without unnecessary delay. Your ability to meet these expectations will reflect directly on your perceived competence and concern not just about the client but also about their case. 

Because client portals check these boxes and more, using a personal injury case management software that has a robust and helpful client portal can make a difference in how your clients perceive you. Your clients are likely to view your firm as technologically adept and responsive to their needs. This, in turn, contributes to your clients trusting you with their claims. Your client can even see recent activity that has taken place on their case, reminding them that you are always doing your best for your clients. 

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If you are a personal injury firm looking to grow and attract new clients, CloudLex’s software and Client Portal can play a crucial role. Contact us to demonstrate how we can keep your clients happy while allowing you and your staff to get more done.

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