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5 Must-Have Tools for Civil Litigation Trial Attorneys

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5 Must-Have Tools for Civil Litigation Trial Attorneys

From case management conferences to settlement negotiations, depositions to trials, there is never a dull moment in the life of a personal injury attorney. Because every moment counts, having a set of systems and technology tools is crucial to keep you from missing a beat.

The CloudLex team explores five must-have tools for civil litigation trial attorneys in this article.

Tool #1: Use a personal injury law firm case management software

Increase efficiency and meet your ethical obligations by utilizing personal injury case management software to help you collect, manage and store client and firm data. Most in-house systems do not provide the level of security and reliability you need to propel your firm forward. The right case management software performs vital functions, such as:

  • Plan, manage and track essential tasks on the user and firm-wide levels.
  • Automate routine and administrative tasks such as transferring client intake data to the client’s dedicated matter.
  • Track travel and other case-related expenses and assign them to a matter.
  • Use intuitive legal calendaring software to manage mediation, settlement, trial and other critical deadlines.
  • Securely send and receive messages and legal documents.
  • Manage your contacts and record information such as insurance details.
  • Monitor your firm and user’s performance using robust analytics and reporting systems.

Case management software is the lifeblood of a healthy personal injury law firm. Save time and money by leveraging the power of technology to propel your firm to the future. Case management software providers like CloudLex are built specifically for civil litigation trial firms.

Tool #2: Take advantage of a powerful personal injury settlement calculator

Most personal injury attorneys take cases on a contingency basis, meaning they do not receive money until they win their client’s case and their client receives a financial settlement. Because of this, every moment counts and it is imperative that the personal injury settlement accurately reflects the client’s compensation. Deviations and mistakes can have a devastating impact on your client’s ability to cover their medical expenses and your ability to keep the lights on.

Rather than having your staff manually sift through case documents to determine your client’s expenses and financial compensation, have technology do the work for you using a personal injury settlement calculator. The CloudLex personal injury settlement calculator allows you to track and manage offers on a client and firm-wide basis, so you always know the status of your cases.

Tool #3: Equip your firm with e-signature capabilities

As a business owner, you want to make it easy and secure for clients to interact with your firm and retain you as their legal counsel. One way to do this is to equip your firm with e-signature capabilities.

Printing out and mailing forms to clients isn’t secure or efficient. Likewise, asking clients to come to the office to review and sign documents is a barrier to legal access rather than opening doors for injury victims. Honor your and your client’s time by electronically sending, tracking, receiving and signing legal documents – such as the engagement letter.

CloudLex – a personal injury case management software provider – integrates with Adobe Sign and DocuSign for law firms. You can securely and efficiently send documents to contacts for their review and signature from within the client’s matter. No more scanning and sending or wondering if you sent the form to the correct email address.

Tool #4: Securely store your firm’s case files in the cloud

Cloud based storage is a secure and convenient method for storing and managing your firm’s case files. Depending on your legal cloud storage provider, you can monitor and limit access to the firm’s sensitive data on the user level. By only allowing staff to interact with the files and programs they need to do their daily tasks, you also limit the potential for widespread security breaches.

CloudLex puts you in the driver’s seat by letting you choose who has access to what features within the firm. Further, the platform is hosted on the HIPAA-compliant Microsoft Azure cloud, which meets the highest ethical and technological security standards.

Tool #5: Utilize encrypted messaging systems

Approximately 25% of ransomware attacks against law firms in the first quarter of 2021 targeted small and medium-sized firms. Because of the immense amounts of sensitive data you interact with daily, you must take steps to protect your firm against security breaches. One way to accomplish this is to utilize encrypted messaging systems to communicate with clients and colleagues about cases.

CloudLex: Providing personal injury case management software solution

If you are a civil litigation trial attorney, our suite of case management solutions can help you build, manage and grow your practice. Our software was created by expert tech professionals and personal injury attorneys, so we understand the challenges you face.

Contact our team today to learn more about how we can elevate your personal injury law firm.

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