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The Pathology of Resilience: Turning Stress into Success [Free Webinar]

Webinar : The Pathology of Resilience: Turning Stress into Success

CloudLex is proud to present a 2-hour presentation from Gray Robinson, Esq. on “The Pathology of Resilience: Turning Stress into Success.” Click here to watch on-demand.

Gray Robinson is a third-generation trial attorney and has spent 16 years doing extensive research and innovative training to help lawyers facing burnout and personal crises to heal. He has published numerous articles on stress management and well-being in the ABA Journal and other legal magazines.

Learn how to avoid burnout from a trusted coach and former PI attorney

Are you working 90 hours a week and burning out?

Is practicing law is no longer fun? or has it become a burden for you?

That’s exactly what Gray Robinson, Esq. covers in this very special, on-demand 2-hour webinar. In this thoughtful and intriguing presentation, you will learn…

  • How to identify signs of burnout for yourself and your staff.
  • How to avoid burnout, manage stress, and start having fun.
  • What is Traumatic Exposure Response (TER), and how to spot it.
  • Tips and exercises on dealing with stress, and much more!

Duration: 2 Hours

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