What Are the Must-have Features for Legal Document Management Software?

Document management and organization dictate the extent of a law firm’s efficiency, productivity, and legal compliance. To boost efficiency and productivity, acquiring a document management system that fits your practice’s needs such as usability, scalability, security, collaboration, integrations, and version control, is a must. In addition, your document management system should also be matter-centric, allowing you to link matters, contacts, categories, and label documents for each retrieval.

Your firm should aim to find case management software that includes a robustly built document management system. That way, instead of having two separate systems, you can organize all your information one in place.

Here are some of the top features in a document management system your firm should be looking for:

  • Document storage:

    You should have unlimited document storage that is compliant with industry norms like HIPAA

  • Access permissions:

    To ensure your data is secure, this feature allows you to define who can view, edit, and create documents in your system.

  • Security:

    A secure cloud is ideal for storage, where data is backed up regularly with disaster recovery and geo-redundancy capabilities. Documents should be able to be retrieved in case of any disaster. We ensure that your documents can be retrieved no matter what by backing up your data in several geo-locations, so if one is hit by a disaster, another backup is immediately activated.

  • Advanced search:

    Your document management system should have an advanced keyword search system that enables you to filter through case details or documents faster.

  • Collaboration:

    Another important feature to have is internal collaboration access to documents. This feature allows you to co-author documents, track changes, and edit documents from anywhere.

  • Electronic signatures:

    Clients should be able to easily sign legal documents electronically in the system.

  • Integration:

    Your document management software should integrate with document creation and storage software like Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive, etc.

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