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How to Improve Client Experience at Your PI Firm

How to Improve Client Experience at Your PI Firm

Your clients count on you to deliver results and alleviate legal headaches of filing a personal injury lawsuit. You may diligently work on a client’s case, but if your clients do not have the experience they expect to have with you and your firm, they may struggle to appreciate your work. 

This article will  help you take steps to improve your clients’ experience with your personal injury law firm.

Providing easy and convenient client communication

Potential and current clients should be able to easily and conveniently contact you, preferably with one click. Improve client  experience at your PI firm by expanding the modalities they use to interact with you and your team.


People do not always have the time or ability to call their attorneys. With personal injury case management software like CloudLex, clients can communicate with you via text in a secure matter portal. The messages are confidential and stored in the client’s online file, so you do not need to track down post-its or emails.

Web chat

When potential and current clients visit your website, they should have multiple methods they can use to reach you. A staple of any modern site is a user-friendly web chat feature that allows clients to communicate with a live person. Clients expect to be able to talk with their legal team in many ways, such as through a web chat feature.

Secure messaging

Email is a fast and convenient method of communication, but it can also become overwhelming. Clients receive emails from multiple people and businesses daily, and your inbox is likely full of emails from many people about many matters.

Take the stress out of messaging by leveraging law firm email management  software that allows you to securely and efficiently send and receive messages within the client’s matter. A  robust email program automatically tracks, saves, and indexes the communication — entire threads of email communciation and without b’ccing — so it is always where it needs to be.

Sending and receiving documents electronically

If your firm calls clients and has them pick up or drop off paper copies of documents, chances are you are falling behind the competition. Most documents can—and should — be sent and received electronically, saving you and your clients time and money and limiting the potential for human error.

Legal software like CloudLex allows you to send and receive documents electronically with one click—all from within a client’s Matter. This removes the guesswork and stress from sharing confidential case documents with clients.

Allowing clients to securely sign documents electronically

Your clients expect to be able to review and sign documents electronically in most cases. You may miss out on valuable business if you or your staff do not meet this expectation, especially during the intake process. Clients may bring home paper copies or receive mailed copies from you prepared for their physical signature but never return them.

Your clients have busy lives and, in most cases, should not have to schedule a time to come in and sign legal paperwork with your team. Further, in states like Illinois, laws such as the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act encourage people to e-sign documents and protect the legality of those contracts.

CloudLex partners and has integrations with e-signature giants Adobe Sign and DocuSign to securely and efficiently allow clients to review and sign paperwork. Our software complies with rigorous confidentiality and ethical standards and is stored on Microsoft’s HIPAA-compliant cloud platform.

Improving your firm’s efficiency

Many processes are repeated throughout a day, week, or client acquisition cycle. These processes are typically minute tasks that involve data entry or transfer. Anytime humans are completing these tasks, the potential for error is present, and delays can occur unnecessarily.

With the right case management software, you can automate these processes to reduce the time required to complete the tasks and limit or eliminate the potential for clerical errors.

CloudLex works with personal injury attorneys to reduce their processes to actionable steps with matter specific workflows and legal task management software.Spend more time working on your client’s case and less time performing rote data entry tasks. Your clients and your bottom line will thank you.

Accurately tracking and calculating your client’s settlement offers

Negotiating and calculating settlement offers are vital parts of a personal injury law practice. Your client may lose valuable compensation without a precise and reliable way to manage settlement calculations and offers.

By utilizing a powerful program that streamlines the process of calculating, drafting, and tracking settlement offers, you significantly improve your client’s experience with your firm. Further, you are helping personal injury victims reclaim their lives and work towards rebuilding what they lost because of the accident.

CloudLex designed a built-in personal injury settlement program within its case management software. You can track and calculate settlement offers by plaintiff and injury and even generate firm-wide settlement reports to keep a pulse on your firm’s cases.

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