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How to Approach Your Hesitant Partners About Transitioning to Legal Software

How to Approach Your Hesitant Partners About Transitioning to Legal Software

For many legal professionals, the sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic was a wake-up call. In a profession dominated mainly by pen, paper, and in-person court, relatively few imagined logging into Zoom court from their home, the breakroom, or the parking lot. Two years later, however, Zoom court is commonplace and a blessing for many.

By that same token, transitioning from an in-house system to a personal injury practice management software can be a daunting but necessary change. Not all law partners will immediately jump on the opportunity to uproot their current system and take a chance. So, how do you approach your hesitant partners about transitioning to legal software?

CloudLex understands the challenges facing personal injury law firms and how the fear of the unknown can make law partners feel trapped by an in-house system that is not serving them well. We help you prepare for and navigate the conversation with hesitant colleagues about changing case management programs. To find out how updating your legal software can save you time and money, schedule a call with one of our team members today.

Take time to understand their perspective

Your law partner may have been there since the beginning days and may have played an integral part in setting up the current system. Because of this, they may have an attachment to it. Before you barge into their office and demand they hand over the data to a legal software company, take time to understand their perspective and show appreciation for what they do.

What better way to ease your law partner’s anxieties than to invite them to be part of the conversation? No one wants to feel irrelevant; undoubtedly, your law partner does not want to feel that way. By welcoming them to engage with the legal software company you would like to switch to, you are validating their position in the firm and helping them temper their concerns.

Legal software companies like CloudLex understand that not all partners will immediately be sold on a particular company or idea right away. Plus, changing legal software programs is a big step that carries immense ethical implications. CloudLex happily communicates with critical players in your law firm to help ensure that everyone understands the process and is on board.

Create a backup copy of the firm’s data

Creating a backup copy of the firm’s data is important because it preserves it for your current use and ensures that you comply with your file retention obligations. Many jurisdictions require you to keep certain case documents for years, and the last thing you want is to lose data during the transition. The legal software company may be able to guide you through this process, or you can call on a trusted technical support person to help you create a cloud-based or physical backup.

Helping your partner understand the immense benefits of having modern legal software can help them agree to the transition. Describe the advantages of keeping up with the competition by leveraging a powerful personal injury settlements calculator or one-click client intake form software. Further, emphasize how allowing your potential and current clients to electronically sign documents saves your firm and its patrons time and money.

Legal software such as CloudLex allows you to message your clients securely and conveniently in the app without picking up the phone or opening an email. The conversation is automatically tracked, indexed, and saved within the client’s online matter. No more hunting for handwritten notes or tracking deleted emails.

Your law partner may be hesitant about transitioning to cloud based legal practice management software out of security concerns. Acknowledge their concerns – after all, complying with your ethical obligations is essential – and assure them that the legal software is confidential and secure. In reality, it is most likely far more secure than most hard-copy or in-house systems.

CloudLex securely stores your case documents and records in a Microsoft-hosted, HIPAA-compliant cloud application. They built their legal software with personal injury attorneys in mind. They help ensure that you and their system do not breach the Rules of Professional Conduct about data storage, retention, and confidentiality.

At CloudLex, we provide top-tier legal software and support to personal injury attorneys throughout the United States. Our suite of solutions is both intuitive and ethically compliant. Throughout the onboarding process, we communicate with integral members of your firm to ensure a smooth transition that everyone understands.

Contact us today to discover how our software can elevate your personal injury practice.

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