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Build an Efficient Legal Client Intake Process With Workflows

Legal Client Intake Process With Workflows

Plaintiffs come to you during their worst time, a moment of crisis, and you, as a personal injury lawyer, need to be able to provide simple, secure, and timely services.

When taking on a new case, it is essential to provide a smooth intake process for clients, and it is extremely crucial yet time-consuming to gather case information whilst also creating a meaningful relationship with your clients.

On the other hand, personal injury law firms need to process cases efficiently so they can settle cases faster for their clients and get them the justice they deserve. Efficiency in processing claims right from lead, through to intake, and on to closure, is key.

Providing excellent client services and processing cases efficiently goes hand in hand. But when the process for qualifying leads and accepting new intakes is manual it’s difficult to achieve an optimum level of efficiency. With a paper-based system, you are busy running around collecting documents, taking signatures, approvals, running conflict checks, manual data entry from paper to the case management system, and many such tasks that flow through many people and departments every time you accept a new intake. With these manual processes, accepting a new case can take several weeks to complete—resulting in delays in settlement and a frustrating experience for clients.

How CloudLex’s intake workflows can help?

With CloudLex’s Intake Manager, your law office can become more efficient in handling new intakes, and improving client experience. It provides you with powerful tools and features that can run the intake process smoothly.

We have to accept the fact that everyone hates repetitive tasks because they are error-prone and frustrating for the team, but here workflows can help. You can automate mundane and repetitive tasks thus improving efficiency, streamlining approvals, and reducing errors throughout the case lifecycle.

For example, every time you qualify an intake, you need to send intake forms to the client to fill in. Intake workflows can help you assign tasks automatically to a paralegal to collect case information using intake forms. Forms can be shared through email and help you capture case information that would have been impossible using paper-based forms.

Once the case information is collected, if you want to send the fee agreement to the client to sign, a workflow can assign tasks to a paralegal automatically to send out fee agreements to clients.

It also gives you visibility into the status of workflow activities of each task across all the intakes. So using forms, you can collect data efficiently and can please the client with a faster response time.

Timely follow-ups and delegation

Once you’ve made an excellent first impression, now starts the process of interactions with prospective clients. There’ll still be a lot more to do e.g. discussions, information gathering, etc. before an intake becomes a case.  

And again, with a manual process, it is easy for intakes/leads to slip through the cracks. With modern software, you can easily automate tasks, set-up reminders/alerts in your calendar, create events so that you and your team are on top of each intake making this process fool-proof, and scalable.

For example, when receiving a lead, you should reach out to potential clients as soon as possible- the speed you respond is the demonstration of your efficiency. With workflow automation for law firms, you can set up an automated task to follow up with the client by phone or email. Additionally, you can reduce the time to make subsequent follow-ups by assigning a set series of future tasks to a paralegal.

PI firms should adapt to the changing demographics because modern clients can make immediate choices about the law firm they will choose to work with. Now, law firms should adopt advanced technology to demonstrate immediacy to their potential clients. And CloudLex® can help build a more efficient and productive intake process from scratch. Schedule a demo and speak to our Cloud Consultant to explore the fantastic features that CloudLex’s intake manager offers.


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