5 Reasons Plaintiffs Prefer Text Communication With Their Personal Injury Lawyer

In America alone, over 5.5 billion text messages are sent daily. This represents the ever-growing demand for a faster communication, and many potential clients prefer this rapid form of negotiation over phone calls. Below, we’ve outlined 5 reasons why there should be text communication for law firms.

Clients already have their phones in their hands

The average American spends 3 hours and 10 minutes a day on their cell phones, many of these working, as well as shopping or using social media. Providing text communications for law firms allows clients to ask quick questions without the hassle of phone calls.

Clients prefer texting

52% of customers reported that they preferred texting over other forms of communication. With a 98% open rate (an unheard-of achievement with email!), the instantaneous nature of business text messages allows both client and law firm more freedom in responding.

Texting is fast

The average response time for text messaging is just 90 seconds, and 95% of texts are read within 180 seconds of being received. CloudLex’s Client Messenger allows you to send texts from within the platform, it’s much more effective to ask a client a question by text, and you don’t even have to reach for your phone.

Texting offers MMS

Text communication for law firms provides the ability to share videos and photos. This is useful because it helps both parties gather necessary information instantaneously, which can help you reach resolutions efficiently.

Texting provides a written record

Throughout your client communications, you might need to refer to older conversations. A text message service provides a written record that can help new team members understand the history of communication.

With CloudLex’s Client Messenger, everything is confidential. This practice management software provides easy retrieval and ensures that important case or contact information, such as court dates or phone numbers, doesn’t fall through the cracks. Your conversations will also be organized into matter-specific threads, complete with timelines.

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