Uber for Attorneys

Book rides with ease and automate expense tracking

Getting from A to B is an important part of an attorney’s daily work life. Whether going to a client meeting, to a court, or to the airport (not to mention the all-too-often late-night trek home) personal injury lawyers are constantly on the go. You’ve got enough hassle in your life, so the last thing you want is to be worrying about finding a cab and then collecting, submitting, and recording your receipts. That’s why CloudLex has partnered with Uber, a company that has revolutionized the way we travel, to bring you the convenience of booking rides from within matter management software for law firms. With seamless integration, lawyers and their assistants can now book rides for themselves, clients, and other parties from within CloudLex and tag the specific matter associated with your trip.

Receipts to Expense in real time

Recording and submitting receipts for expenses is a time-consuming and error-prone task for most law firms. Submitting by email, manually filling in expense sheets, etc. leads to delays, missed expenses, and overall frustration for everyone involved. With Uber for CloudLex, the receipt for your trip will automatically be populated in the expenses management for law firms of that particular matter once the ride ends. This enables everyone involved to have a real-time view of travel expenses for any matter on any day.

Consolidated Expense Reports

Management of travel-related expenses is even more time-consuming when you and your staff are booking trips for multiple people, for multiple matters all at the same time. The headache gets even worse when trying to consolidate all of those receipts to enter and run reports (not to mention the logistical nightmare of booking all those trips in the first place – usually by phone call or through apps on various phones). With Uber for CloudLex, all the required information for each trip is automatically captured in the expenses manager. You can easily generate Uber-specific expense reports with click of a button giving you more time to focus on your clients, rather than creating and tracking expense reports.


Adam Handler attorney cloudlex

“From either my computer or phone, I could manage my practice with a sense of confidence and relief with the help of CloudLex.”

On March 17, 2020 we rushed out of our office like it was on fire. The next morning, I logged into my CloudLex account from my kitchen table and realized my client’s cases would not be affected in the slightest. Every bit of information I would need for the next 4 months working from home was literally at my fingertips. From either my computer or phone, I could manage my practice with a sense of confidence and relief with the help of CloudLex.

Adam Handler

Managing Partner | Pollack, Pollack, Issac and DeCiccio, LLP


Uber for Attorneys FAQs

What is Uber for CloudLex?

Uber for CloudLex is a simple solution designed to help your firm better manage transportation and expense tracking. With our built-in system, CloudLex users can secure a means of transport for staff, experts, or clients and then easily collect and submit expense receipts while automatically recording them to the appropriate matter.

With this seamless integration, law firms no longer need to export data from transport booking apps, chase invoices from providers, or manually collect and enter expense receipts. Now, you can book rides at ease and manage travel expenses efficiently. Uber integration with CloudLex® eliminates the hassle by allowing you to: 

  • Effortlessly book rides for your clients and other parties directly from CloudLex using the Uber interface you are already familiar with.
  • Tag a matter while booking the ride, automatically creating the expense record in the specific matter, so you don’t have to worry about manually tracking them down later.
  • Generate expense reports specific to transportation costs for each matter by simply selecting the Uber expenses filter.

What is an expense manager, and how is it useful for tracking Uber expenses in CloudLex?

Expense Manager is an important tool within CloudLex that helps managing partners and CFOs manage all their law firm’s expenses in one place. In Expense Manager, approved users can track and process new requests, track what’s been paid versus what’s outstanding, push to the accounting system, and more. Even better, Expense Manager can be seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks.

Users can push Uber expenses from the respective matter to the Expense Manager. These expenses can then be appropriately recorded and synced with QuickBooks.