Free e-book: Hiring the Right Paralegal for Your Personal Injury Law Firm

Every law firm must hire the best talent to win cases and gain a competitive edge. A great paralegal can make all the difference at a growing personal injury law firm. However, without the right paralegal interview questions, how will you know what skills and characteristics to look for when hiring staff?

In this e-book, we will give an overview of why you need a paralegal, what a paralegal does, and how to interview your ideal paralegal candidate (with plenty of suggested paralegal interview questions to help you along the way).

This e-book will help you ascertain the soft skills and law-related technical experience the right paralegal must possess so they can be a true asset to your law firm.

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We will take you step-by-step through the following:

  • Why (and when to) Hire a Paralegal
  • Preparing Great Paralegal Interview Questions
  • How to Assess Job Skills During Paralegal Interviews
  • Case Study: Paralegals for Client Services
  • Assess Customer Service Skills
  • Case Study: Paralegals in Discovery
  • 3 Soft Skill Questions for Paralegal Interviews
  • Identify The Role and Responsibilities Before Hiring a Paralegal
  • Paralegals Need Excellent Research Skills
  • Paralegals Must Stay Up-To-Date on Legal News
  • Paralegals Must Be Comfortable With Legal Technology