Free e-book: “10 Must-have Features of Personal Injury Case Management Software”

There are dozens of case management software options for law firms to choose from. But the truth is: not all legal practice management software is created equal.

Personal injury and trial attorneys need specific features and tools that don’t necessarily apply to other practice areas. From being able to consolidate medical treatment and expense details to comprehensive settlement management, your legal software should be specialized for your primary practice area.

This free guide covers the “10 Must-have Features of Personal Injury Case Management Software” that trial attorneys and litigators should have top of mind when deciding to choose (or switch) to new legal software.

We will showcase essential features that are a must for robust personal injury case management software, which will help you evaluate and select the best software for your firm.

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The best personal injury case management software for your firm will have the following:

  • All the needed specific information management capabilities pertinent to personal injury case management to simplify and streamline your entire case management from intake through closure and beyond.
  • Important KPIs and insights like active matter count and the different stages the cases are in.
  • Easily monitor the matter progress of individual cases.
  • Know the matter distribution across your firm’s attorneys.
  • Consolidate and organize all medical-related documents and expenses.
  • Integrate with your law firm’s email management and legal calendaring systems so you can view events across their entire caseload and the entire firm.
  • Keep track of critical tasks, important deadlines, and events.
  • Dashboards with key information, such as trend analysis, to assist you in running your firm.
  • A settlement calculator that intuitively shows attorney recovery and plaintiff recovery for each offer and counteroffer.