Cyber Security

Definitive Guide to Mitigating
Your Law Firm’s Cyber Security Risks

Today, a busy Personal Injury law firm is not defined by the number of attorneys or paralegals it has, but by the amount of information it consumes and processes on a day-to-day basis.

Issues such as malicious attacks, data breaches, and ransomware attacks are very real and tangible threats that can not only jeopardize the day-to-day operations of your law firm, but also cause irreversible reputational damage.

In this ebook, we explore how legacy systems, that were built in the 90s, give you a false sense of security and exposes your firm to cyber risks.

How legacy systems are marketed as Cloud and how to True Clouds are Designed to serve Today’s modern law firms

Legacy systems are marketed as being on the Cloud but they aren’t the true Cloud that you need as a modern law firm.

A true cloud platform is designed and built from the ground up for today’s cloud environments. They are built using a multitude of underlying technologies and managed services, sort of like a portfolio of building blocks, collectively called the “Tech Stack”.

Legacy systems designed in the ’90s have a rather monolithic architecture that makes them more vulnerable to malicious code written today.

If you are a forward-looking law firm who views cutting-edge technology as a growth strategy and as a competitive advantage over your late adopter peers, you need to evaluate upgrading to a “True Cloud” platform today!