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Don’t Settle: How CloudLex Improves Your Personal Injury Settlement Process

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A great movie isn’t a great movie without a great ending—and a successful personal injury litigation isn’t successful without an equitable recovery for your clients. But, just like with the movies, you can’t simply skip ahead to the end of your cases. Personal injury case settlements can be long and arduous—and with multiple attorneys, plaintiffs, injuries, insurance providers, expenses, offers, etc., personal injury settlements can also be a pain to manage…unless you use CloudLex®.

Unlike generic case management software, CloudLex is a cloud-based personal injury software that caters to all your settlement needs.  Here’s how you can minimize your case settlement headaches and maximize your clients’ (and your own) recovery using CloudLex:

1. Manage your negotiations

Negotiations may be the most critical part of a personal injury litigation, but it’s also one of the most info-laden stages. With CloudLex, you can stay rest assured that your staff has the ammunition it needs to go to “battle” for your clients, no matter who’s leading the “troops”.  Whether you’re representing one client or twenty, CloudLex gives you a single place to track all your settlement demands, offers, and negotiations. Authorized users no longer have to play catch up; they can pick up right where the previous attorney left off—with access to all kinds of info (adjusters’ offers against their plaintiffs’ insurance, payment requests, expenses for individual injuries, and more)—ensuring your staff always knows the score no matter who’s up to bat.

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2. Calculate settlement recovery

If you’re setting a budget for your household based on your pre-tax income, you’re in for a rude surprise when the bills start coming in; similarly, if you’re equating offers with plaintiff recovery and (subsequently) attorney recovery, then you’re in for an even ruder surprise when figuring out your clients’ best interests and your books.

Enter CloudLex—our settlement calculator tallies your clients’ recovery and your firm’s fees with ease. For each and every offer (and counter offer) and for each and every plaintiff, we’ll help you calculate a gross calculation (applying your fee to the settlement amount and then subtracting expenses, disbursements, liens, and medical expenses to arrive at your client’s recovery) and a deducted calculation (subtracting those payments before applying your attorney fee to arrive at your recovery).  And if applicable, you can make referral fees part of your calculations. Once a settlement is reached, just mark it as “final” and we’ll tally up what everyone should receive for you.

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3. Get a birds-eye view of your cases

Life would be easier if you only had one case to focus on; but in due time there wouldn’t be anything for you to focus on at all.  Successful personal injury firms have lots of different cases (at lots of different settlement stages) going on at the same time—and you need to stay on top of them all so you can make sure your resources are properly allocated. Our settlement reports make that a reality for you—providing you with an overall picture of your firm’s earnings and settlement statuses by allowing you to analyze settlement amounts (including outstanding and paid amounts), demands, offers, and closing dates.

And we demand that you check out the innumerable ways our next-gen cloud based personal injury case management system can transform your personal injury practice by signing up for a free demo now.  CloudLex is made specifically for you…so stop settling for generic case management software and start winning with our one-stop shop for all your personal injury needs.

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