CloudLex for Gmail and Outlook

Keep your team updated on case-specific communication by automatically saving your Outlook and Gmail messages to CloudLex®.

Manage emails efficiently

Integrate Gmail and Outlook with CloudLex to keep all essential case information within the CloudLex platform. When used in conjunction with our other innovative legal tech apps, you can interact with all elements of the cases in one place. Save time by staying within one program, and increasing team collaboration.

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Create notes and take action

Add CloudLex directly into your Gmail and Outlook email interface. Give your team the bigger picture with your documents by adding them to your notes.

Information at your fingertips

Save and access your notes anywhere and on any device, so the information you need is always available.

Save email as note

CloudLex for Outlook uploads matter-related emails to the CloudLex matter management software directly from Outlook. Add plugins to your Gmail and Outlook and save your emails as notes under categories that tag specific matters.

Keep everyone on the same page

Standard email inboxes are not typically shared with entire teams. If multiple people are working on a case, multiple email folders could contain case-specific communications that should be accessible to all. When you save the email into the specific matter directly from Gmail and Outlook, everyone is aware of case progress at each step with updated communication in real-time.

Seamless search

The CloudLex button makes it simple to instantly take a client or matter-related email from your Gmail and Outlook inbox and save them as email records. Search for the matter through keywords such as name, index number, or SSN, then save emails as a note in the specific matter’s email category.

Highlight important emails

CloudLex for Outlook highlights priority emails by recognizing emails with case-related information and displaying an exclamation mark advising you to note the email in CloudLex.

Christopher Campione

“The CloudLex family has gone above and beyond in these unprecedented times to provide high quality uninterrupted service.”

This has been instrumental in serving our client’s needs at a time when clients need our help the most. CloudLex’s attention to detail and level of service are unmatched in the case management software industry.

Christopher D. Campione

Senior Partner | Campione Law, P.A. | Florida

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Law Firm Email Management FAQs

How does CloudLex connect with the outlook client on my desktop?

CloudLex uses a proprietary Outlook connector plugin to establish a secure connection with your Outlook email client. Before you can use the connector for Outlook, you must install the connector and login with your CloudLex credentials.

Does my Outlook or the CloudLex for Gmail and Outlook connector need to be open on my desktop in order for the connector to save emails as notes?

Yes, you need to have Outlook or the plugin open for CloudLex to save an email as a note. You need to search for the matter through keywords such as name, index number, or SSN, then save emails as a note in the specific matter’s email category.

How secure is the connector?

All communication between the plugin and the CloudLex servers are done over HTTPS, one of the most widely used security protocols for secure communication over the internet. The HTTPS security token will be used to establish a secure connection between the connector and CloudLex.