Personal injury case management software

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Built exclusively for plaintiff personal injury law firms, CloudLex’s unified personal injury software handles productivity, accountability, communication, collaboration, and insights across your firm so you can save time and streamline your operations.

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Case management software built specifically for trial attorneys

Don’t let leads fall through the cracks

Don’t let leads fall
through the cracks

CloudLex has best-in-class native Intake Management software that guides you through a foolproof plaintiff intake process, gathering information, case details, documents and everything you need from potential clients. Automate tasks, set up calendar reminders, and create events accessible to all team members with real-time updates, and then quickly cone.

Love your case  management software

Love your personal injury case management software

Designed to simulate the personal injury litigation process and make case management extremely efficient for personal injury attorneys, paralegals and staff, litigation case management with CloudLex is intuitive, efficient and user friendly. Get the information you need, when you need it, and take care of quick tasks with our Quick Action sidebar without losing focus of what you’re working on.

Keep using the tools you’re already using with Microsoft 365

Keep using the tools you’re already using with Microsoft 365

Simplify your workflows by creating, editing, and collaborating in real time with Microsoft Office Online. With CloudLex Microsoft 365 integration, you can upload your existing documents directly to CloudLex from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Upload, edit, make comments and share documents with your team from your desktop or web-based versions of Microsoft Office Online without any dedicated software.

Prioritize tasks and increase productivity

What if you could know what everybody in the office is or will be working on? With CloudLex, you get the full picture; track tasks, due dates, resource utilization, and individual contributions all come together to help you manage your cases more efficiently.

Never miss a deadline

Never miss a deadline

Get a bird’s eye view on-the-go with a user–friendly and color-coded calendar. Allocate appointments to anyone in your firm and set reminders to ensure you keep your dates straight.

Communicate Efficently

Communicate efficiently

Whether it’s an important task, a reminder, or just a quick update, you can send emails, texts, and internal messages while working on your matters. All communication is matter specific for easy retrieval later.


All reports you need to make informed decision

Benefit from data and analytics that measure the performance of everyone in your firm. From settlement reports to case expenses, slice and dice data to get macro and micro level reporting.

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CloudLex Customer Reviews

“From either my computer or phone, I manage my practice with a sense of confidence and relief with the help of CloudLex.”

Adam Handler

Partner | Pollack, Pollack, Issac & DeCiccio, LLP

Monica R McKinnon

“CloudLex has allowed us to make a seamless transition from working in the office to working from home during the pandemic.”

Monica R. McKinnon

Firm Administrator | Alpert Schreyer Poe, LLC

Patrick Bisogno attorney cloudlex

“I was preparing for a mediation I had the next morning and if it wasn’t for CloudLex I would have had to go to my office until 3 am.”

Patrick Bisogno

Managing Partner | Bisogno & Meyerson, LLP

Personal injury case management software FAQs

Does CloudLex provide mobile apps for personal injury law firms?

Yes, CloudLex has iOS and Android apps for its customers, available to download from the Apple store and Google Play store respectively. It contains a range of features for our clients so that they can access matters, intake, and client communication right from their mobile devices.

Can case management software be integrated with other software?

Yes, you can integrate your personal injury case management software with the majority of the most popular legal software, so that you’re always in sync with your cases.

You can integrate your case management software with storage software like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more. You can still upload a document on your favorite apps. They’ll show up in your case management software (and vice versa)—giving you more access to your docs and no need to upload documents in two different places.

You can integrate your legal case management software with calendars like Google calendar, Outlook calendar, etc.

You need only create or edit an event in one system, and it will magically appear in the other.

How to manage plaintiff medical records in CloudLex?

Once attorneys complete the intake process, it can then be converted into a matter, transferring all the intake information, including incident details, with just a click of a button.

CloudLex’s Matter Manager will have all medical information from intake ready for you to process the case further.

You can then capture, manage, and track all the information collected during the investigation. Additionally, you can link document files you requested from service providers to each plaintiff’s medical record under the medical information details of a particular matter.

A medical file includes medical bills, liens, tests, treatment, and physician orders. Collectively, all these medical files and documents of the treatments will give a comprehensive view of medical history, and when organized, it supports your litigation process. Therefore, it is essential to organize them effectively.

CloudLex makes it easier for the attorney to analyze and quickly find information in the record relevant to the personal injury claims, which ultimately helps law firms to more rapidly prepare and present the case.

What kind of support do I get with CloudLex?

CloudLex offers one-stop solutions for all your support needs using the Support Centre. You can reach out to us by phone, email, or create tickets in our support center to get quick assistance.