Legal Calendar Software

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CloudLexTM helps you manage critical dates, deadlines and appointments all in one firm-wide calendar. It gives you the ability to view, edit and allocate appointments to anyone in the firm. In a user-friendly and color-coded manner, you can view and manage Statute of Limitations, Date of Incident, No-Fault Deadlines, Notice of Claim Deadlines, EBT/Deposition Dates and other events. You can set tickler dates to help you manage your matter-related critical milestones. CloudLexTM Calendar can be easily integrated with other popular calendars such as Outlook, iCal and Google.

Individual Matter Calendaring

In CloudLexTM each matter has its own easy to use calendar that highlights dates critical to that specific matter – such as the Statute of Limitations date. Individual matter calendars are also integrated into our firm wide calendar, allowing you to manage dates from various screens.

Attorney and Firm Calendaring

Our firm-wide calendar application, integrates all matter calendars and individual attorney “personal” events into one master calendar. This calendar allows attorneys to view events across their entire caseload, as well as across the entire firm. Entries are color coded by event type and prominently display the matter name. The entire calendar is also filterable by date and event category.

Event Reporting

Take matter management to the next level with management reporting functions integrated with the firm’s calendar. The Events Report and other reports such as Statute of Limitations allow you to quickly see upcoming events in the next 15 or 30 days for your caseload or the entire firm. You can even print it in a user-friendly format to take with you.

Management Reports & Dashboards

CloudLexTM has role-specific dashboards and reports that let you manage your firm and cases in an effective manner. Your staff can utilize these applications to quickly identify critical matters and tasks. As Managing Partner, you benefit from many practice level key performance indicators (KPIs) that help you measure, track and manage your firm more effectively. Our extensive and customizable reports give you the ability to slice and dice data any which way, enabling you to view matter or practice related data at a macro and micro level.

Firm-wide Analytics at a Glance

As soon as you log in, you’ll find all the high-level information you need to ensure smooth practice management, like Trend Analysis. Our intuitive Trend Analysis chart allows you to view your firm’s trend in new case openings, case closings, and referrals over the last 3, 6 or 12 months. Plus, you can see the total number of open cases, along with the number of open cases in each phase of litigation.

Attorney/Matter Distribution

Our interactive, color-coded matter distribution wheel, allows you to see the total distribution of all active matters in the firm by individual attorney. Just like a pie chart, segment size correlates to the percentage of open matters assigned to that attorney. Simply click a segment to see attorney name, total matters assigned to that attorney and a list of assigned matter names. Managing file assignments has never been easier.

Never Miss a Critical Date Again

From both the Dashboard and the Reports section, you can quickly see all upcoming critical dates – such as filing deadlines and Statute of Limitation dates. Options for reporting include date category specific reports (such as Statute of Limitations) that can be viewed in different date range configurations.