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Zero Upfront Cash Investment And “Pay As You Grow Pricing,” Saving You 30% Yearly.
Invest In Your Cases, Not In Obsolete Hosted Servers!

Simple Fixed Flat Fee

CloudLexTM is unlike any other tech company. There are no complicated pricing arrangements or hidden extra fees that you must pay to get a fully functional system. With CloudLexTM you simply pay a flat fee every month for your firm. This one fee gets you access to a wide array of applications – and everyone gets the same features, whether you’re a solo practitioner or a multi-office, national level firm. We have leveled the playing field by including our entire suite of applications in every package! It’s simple, just pay as you grow!

  • Fixed Flat Fee
  • Pay As You Grow
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Annual Or Monthly Payment Plans
  • All Applications Available At Every Level


  • $150.00per mo. (if paid annually)
  • Users: Up to 3
  • Hosting Capacity: 150 Matters
  • Add-on Capacity: Available
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Rising Star

  • Callfor pricing
  • Users: Up to 10
  • Hosting Capacity: 500 Matters
  • Add-on Capacity: Available
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  • Callfor pricing
  • Users: Up to 20
  • Hosting Capacity: 1500 Matters
  • Add-on Capacity: Available
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Top 100

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a user?

Each person you allow to access your system is a “user” – partners, associates, paralegals, secretaries, receptionists or any other staff. Anyone with an email address can be a user.

What is a matter?

A matter is any active or closed case in your system that hasn't been archived. Each unique index number/file number is a separate matter.

What is add-on capacity?

It’s extra hosting capacity for your matters. Maybe you’re a solo practitioner with 200 matters. You can stick with the Self Starter pricing, then buy extra storage to increase your hosting capacity.

What applications do I get?

Everyone gets the same features, regardless of which package you select. To learn more about those features, visit our applications page.

From Solos To National Firms, Everyone Is On CloudLexTM